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Who We Are

Integrity and expertise are
values that define our company.
Our Team

We listen!

That’s why Concierge is recognized as an industry leader in Third Party Administration. Tell us your need and let’s do business! We provide responsive service; our timely and sincere approach sets us apart. We believe in developing strong relationships and creating flexible service for our clients. Our only goal is to serve you!

Exceeding expectations

Core Values

Concierge core values
These values define who we are and how we operate.

Jason Hopkins


Here's six quick things about me. Since I am the smartest of the three, then I will go first.

  1. My role at Concierge is all about claims administration, benefit design and service.
  2. Certified Self-Funded Specialist through HCAA
  3. Prior to Concierge, I served as President of a TPA/UR/CM company based in Oklahoma and Arkansas.
  4. I serve on both public and private boards and as a leader in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. For HIS Glory!
  5. Member of the Texas Tech University Alumni Association, Wreck 'em Tech!
  6. My wife Stacy and I have two children, Faith and Taton. You can find our family at the golf course!
Portrait of Jason Hopkins

Chris Loyd


Here's six quick things about me. Of course, I will never compare to Jason!

  1. I have a couple of roles at Concierge as you probably understand. We get to wear many hats as a business owner, but my main two focuses daily: Marketing and Finance.
  2. I am a second-generation insurance broker, now turned partner of the greatest TPA in the country! I love insurance and love to service people. It’s a win-win!
  3. I love the University of Oklahoma, but now that our money goes to Oklahoma State University and the University of Kansas, I am proud to say that I am a Sooner, Cowboy and Jayhawk throughout the year. Boomer Sooner! Go Pokes! Rock Chalk!
  4. I have coached youth football, basketball, and even helped with baseball here and there. Working with the youth in our community is paramount and over a 20+ year period, I still get called “Coach”
  5. My wife, Lorie, and I are blessed to have a beautiful, blended family. Zack, Emma, and Noah are on my side and Lorie has Madi and Noah. Yes, we have two Noah’s and it is always fun yelling out their name when you need them. You always get twice the help.
  6. Finally, we love our Lord and everything we have is because of His mighty hand! We are Blessed!!
Portrait of Chris Loyd

Duane Bartelt


Here's six quick things about me, but I will never compare to Jason & Chris!

  1. My primary role at Concierge is technology systems and data information management.
  2. Prior to Concierge I founded and led a national insurance brokerage company for 15 years specializing in all types of individual insurance business.
  3. I have been a professional speaker for about 25 years focusing on personal development, sales, and motivational topics. Chris and Jason call me the “podcast guy” because I am always forwarding podcasts on business, personal development, and health.
  4. I have a degree from Iowa State University in Agriculture Business making me a rare person that knows farming, computers/data, and can speak in front of others. Go Clones!
  5. My wife Jen and I have two young kids, Carson and Ava. So much of my time outside of Concierge is spent coaching soccer and softball, running to hockey practices/games, and being Assistant Scoutmaster for my son’s Boy Scout Troop; I always try to live by - “On my honor”
  6. One of my passions is building/restoring classic vehicles or as Jen describes them “projects” because somehow, I always feel I have time to take on a project, even if it will take 20 years…
Portrait of Duane Bartelt

Todd Archer


Here are seven quick things about me:

  1. My long tenure in the TPA business has given me a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful in this business; that is why I am here!
  2. I am one of the few people in this business who got into it on purpose. I got a degree in Insurance from the University of Tennessee – Knoxville.
  3. I call Jackson, Tennessee home (my family and Periann, my wife’s family live there), but we have been in Oklahoma for over 30 years, so we have two homes.
  4. I serve/have served on several non-profit and industry boards over the years. I think it is important to give back.
  5. I grew up Southern Baptist and learned that God loves those on the back row just as much as he loves the ones at the front.
  6. Periann and I have two children, Brittany, and Anderson (Buddy). We also have 5 grandchildren. They all live within 2 miles of us; life is good!
  7. All three partners had a hand in hiring me so we will see!
Portrait of Todd Archer

Jeff Knox

Leadership Team

Six quick thoughts on me.

  1. Experienced- 30+ years in Information Technology (please note, this does not age me)
  2. CIO- is it “Chief Influencing Officer”? Enjoy managing technology to leverage current assets and improve efficiencies that advance management process.
  3. Cultural Revolutionary- Project Manager, managing multiple complex projects with competing resource priorities. Creating Infrastructure.
  4. Talent Scout- Effective leader that is more interested in attracting and cultivating the growth of talented people and their professional aspirations, than developing core applications.
  5. I went from managing a Mexican Restaurant with a daily P&L to IT. If you take care of the day-to-day the rest is a lot easier!
  6. Papa (or whatever his grandkids will call him) - Main goal is to spoil my grandchild and play lots of golf!
Portrait of Jeff Knox
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