Third-Party Administrator
Concierge Administrative Services is a full-service Third-Party Administrator with state-of-the-art technology. Our goal is that you receive unequaled service and benefits. Because we provide turnkey administration service for our clients, the services available to you are more efficient and cost effective. Our flexibility in systems and process enable us to put our clients’ needs first and it also allows us to properly and accurately respond to any situation which may arise. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ standards in service.

Concierge Administrative Services is recognized as one of the nation’s premier industry leaders in health risk management, third-party administration of self-funded health benefit plans for employer groups of all sizes and customized services designed to meet your unique needs. Our technical competencies span all analytical, actuarial and experiential areas relating to health plan benefit design, implementation and option. Our unequaled combination of systems and resources allow for innovative, affordable and comprehensive business solutions. By identifying plan benefit improvements, as well as incorporating proprietary solutions designed to better drive utilization away from your primary health plan, we take a very different approach to “cost containment”.

We provide administrative services in areas such as:
Full TPA Services
• Claims adjudication
• Plan Documents (PD)
• Summary of Benefits and Coverages (SBC)
• Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
• Reporting
Self-funded Plan development
• Custom plans design
Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSA/Flex)
• Debit cards for FSA
COBRA administration
Minimum Essential Coverage Plans
• Self-funded and Fully Insured
Reference Based Pricing
Stop loss placement
Eligibility Maintenance
Medical Bill Negotiations

As a strategically built organization, our companies design balanced, holistic solutions to create stronger health and wellbeing for the individuals, employers and organizations we serve.

Other Services

Concierge Benefit Services facilitates many opportunities with innovation always in mind. Most groups focus on the norm in this industry, yet when you work with us, we are designing the products around you all while making your opportunity unique. At CBS, we feel that making you stand out is our top priority.

So, if you need customized insurance or non-insurance products to be built to better serve your members, then let us know.

We provide services in these areas:
• Telemedicine
• Legal Concierge
• Identity Theft
• Medical Bill Negotiation
• Patient Advocacy
• Medi-bid
• Group Term
• Prescription Discount and Copay Programs
• Vision
• Dental
• Hearing Loss Program
• Limited Medical Plans
• Hospitalization: In-patient & Out-patient
• Emergency Room Visits
• Labs & Diagnostic
• Wellness & Doctor Reimbursements