Our clients come from multiple industries.  We are positioned to provide excellent custom designed benefits and services to all kinds of employers, such as, hospitals, PEO’s, staffing firms, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, associations, banks and credit unions of all sizes. No matter the size of the organization, we deliver experience and results with the goal of exceeding your expectations. We recognize that each client has unique needs and as such, we work with multiple vendors so that we can be focused on providing the best solutions to our clients versus fitting the proverbial “square peg into the round hole”.

A key difference in a relationship with us is our philosophy and approach to your business. We recognize that you have unique needs and we listen to your goals and concerns. By gathering the appropriate information which provides us the ability to design a benefits plan that is customized for you. We have strong relationships with the nation’s most trusted insurance carriers and with our own in-house third-party administration (CAS), we can truly bring you the most customized solutions available.